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tedee PRO lock makes your door smart: it’s a sleek locking mechanism that adds to everyday convenience.


  • Press it to unlock the door and leave. Your tedee will lock automatically.
  • When you’re back, unlock the door with a smartphone or Apple Watch app. You can also enable automatic unlocking when it detects you in the Bluetooth range.
  • tedee’s pull spring feature may work as if you have pressed a handle, allowing you to enter handsfree, just by pushing the door inwards.


No more making extra keys! tedee lock lets you grant access to your place to visiting friends, cleaning services, or rental guests. Access level management allows sharing the “digital keys” permanently,  periodically or just once.


tedee app connects to an extra secure cloud-based authentication system. History of all lock use is available to browse on your smartphone.


An extra-durable lithium polymer battery allows for charging as little as every 14 months.


Add a tedee smart bridge to enable advanced remote features, enhanced auto-unlock, and compatibility with voice assistants and smart home systems.

Product support period: 5 years

This product requires a compatible lock cylinder or adapter – not included.

Tedee PRO - Smart Lock

SKU: 5907720713256
Tax Included
    • Model - tedee PRO
    • Weight ca. 196 g
    • Dimensions Ø 45 mm x 55 mm
    • Operating temperature 10-40°C (indoor only)
    • Operating humidity maximum 65%
    • Origin Poland, EU
    • Power supply 3000 mAh LiPo battery
    • Battery life Up to 14 months on a single charge, with up to 8 uses per day
    • Power source Micro USB. Box includes a dedicated cable with a magnetic plug.
    • Security TLS 1.3
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