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Add-on for Shelly Plus devices 


  • Can be used with up to five DS18B20 sensors or one DHT22 sensor
  • Has an analog and a digital input
  • DS18B20 - Temperature sensor (up to 5); please choose the product variant with or without (default variant ships without it)
  • DHT22 sensor- if you want to monitor temperature and humidity

Shelly Plus Add-On

SKU: 3800235266427
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    Measure and control with precision

    Shelly Plus Add-on is a galvanically isolated sensor interface for all Shelly Plus relays. Use it to measure temperature and humidity using its 1-Wire terminals, or connect various analog and digital sensors for complex automation and higher efficiency. 

    Highly compatible

    Shelly Plus Add-on is compatible with most Arduino sensors! Use its digital or analog inputs to measure your desired parameters and create complex automation scenes based on the sensor data. 


    Garage door position 

    You can connect a reed-switch sensor to Shelly Plus Addon's digital sensor and follow the state of your garage door. This way, you will always know whether it is open or closed when you're away and take appropriate action. 

    Always informed 

    Using Shelly Plus Add-on and two DS18B20 sensors, you can easily measure the precise temperature inside your aquarium, as well as the room temperature. Based on this data, you can maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for your pets. Additionally, you can connect a liquid level sensor to the Add-on, and always be sure that the water level is at its optimal level. 

    Control your lights based on luminousity

    Together with an LDR (photoresistor),  Shelly Plus Add-on can trigger Shelly Plus 2PM to open the blinds when the room is too dark and it's still daytime. Additionally, when luminosity is low, Shelly Plus Add-on can trigger Shelly Plus 1 to turn on the lights at just the right time.

    An awning that follows the weather

    Outdoor motorized awnings offer pleasant shade for your guests on sunny days. However, a strong, unexcepted wind can damage them beyond repair. By combining it with a wind sensor connected to the Shelly Plus AddOn, Shelly Plus 2PM can automatically close the outside awning to protect them from the wind. Additionally, Shelly Plus Add-on with a rain sensor can trigger Shelly Plus 2PM to open the awning just in time to protect your guests.

    Irrigation only when needed

    Having a beautiful garden is not an easy task and automating your irrigation system can save you time and optimize your costs. Together with a soil moisture sensor, Shelly Plus Add-on can trigger Shelly Plus 1 to turn on the irrigation only when necessary, always skipping the rainy days. 

    Motion-controlled lights

    Shelly Plus Add-on can also be connected to a PIR sensor to light up rooms that you occasionally use around the house. This way, when you enter the room, the light will come on for as long as you need it to. 

    Size (HxWxD): 37x42x15 ±0.5 mm / 1.46 x 1.65 x 0.59 ±0.02 in
    Weigh: 105 g / 3.70 oz
    Shell material: Plastic
    Color: Black
    Ambient temperature: -20 °C to 40 °C / -5 °F to 105 °F
    Humidity 30 % to 70 % RH
    Max. altitude 2000 m / 6562 ft
    Power supply voltage AC: N/A
    Power supply voltage DC: 3.3 V (from Shelly plus device)
    Power consumption: < 0.5 W (without sensors)
    VCC max. current: 10 mA
    VREF OUT max. current: 1 mA
    Shelly Plus Addon supporting devices: Shelly Plus 1/1PM, Shelly Plus 2PM, Shelly Plus i4/i4DC
    Temperature reading: Depends on the DS18B20 or DHT22 sensors
    Humidity reading: Depends on the DHT22 sensor
    Digital input: -15 V to 0.5 V (True) / 2.5 V to 15 V (False)*
    Analog input range: 0 to 100%
    Analog input report threshold: 1%**
    Voltmeter range: 0 to 10 V
    Voltmeter report threshold: 0.1 V**
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