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GERDA SLR modular lock cylinder makes it easy to install a tedee smart lock on your door. Modular construction ensures a full range of size adjustments.


Widely compatible

Works with a multitude of mechanisms.


Adjustable cylinder length

Modular construction ensures full compatibility.


30 years of experience

Door hardware by GERDA and M&C secures millions of European households.


GERDA SLR modular lock cylinder is attested with safety class 6 according to norm PN-EN 1303:2015-07.


This product is a lock cylinder with a cam mechanism – gear mechanism also available.

The table contains all length adjustments available with this product. If it doesn't include the size desired, check other GERDA SLR modular cylinders for more length combinations.

Gerda SLR Modular Cylinder 30-61mm / 37-68mm

SKU: 5902203333082
Tax Included
  • SIZE A (internal side):

    30mm (excluding modules)

    36mm (1 x 6mm)

    40mm (1 x 10mm)

    45mm (1 x 15mm)

    46mm (1 x 6mm + 1 x 10mm)

    51mm (1 x 6mm + 1 x 15mm)

    55mm (1 x 10mm + 1 x 15mm)

    61mm (1 x 6mm + 1 x 10mm + 1 x 15mm)


    SIZE B (external side):

    30mm (excluding modules)

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