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The Smoke Sensor is a compact, modern, optical smoke detector with temperature sensor and the ability to trigger the alarm on a sudden increase in temperature to detect imminent fire danger without smoke. The unique blackbox history system logs data for incident tracing.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

SKU: 5902020528265
ден6.190,00 Regular Price
ден4.590,00Sale Price
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    • Battery-operated smoke detector
    • 3 sensitivity levels in accordance with EN 14604:2005
    • Protection against open back
    • Equipped with a self-test function
    • Built-in Z-Wave range test and blackbox function to register smoke and temperature
    • Acoustic signal with RGB LED indicator
  • Dimensions Product: 65 x 28 mm
    In accordance with guidelines: EN 14604:2005 RED 2014/53/EU RoHS 2011/65/EU
    Measurable temperature range: -20 tot 100°C
    Measurement accuracy: 0.5°C (within range of 0-55°C)
    Operating humidity: 0-95% relative humidity without condensation
    Operating temperature: 0-55°C
    Power source: 3V battery
    Protocol: Z-Wave
    Sensors: Smoke sensor

    Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.

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