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The Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 is a device that employs Zigbee technology to regulatepower, controlling the on and off functions. It is capable of managing a range of devices including motors, garage doors, lights, switches, and sockets in two modes: dry contact and wet contact.

This module can elevate the intelligence and potential of traditional equipment.

Linked to the Apple Home platform, the device can be seamlessly operated viathe Apple Home app. Additionally, it is broadly compatible with various third-party
platforms. With the aid of a hub, features such as app-based remote control, timing control,and power statistics can be implemented.

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2

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  • ● Versatile Solution for Home:The T2 is versatile and can be used in various ways. It can be installed in ceiling lights for smart control or in regular wall switches and sockets for remote access. Additionally, it's suitable for automating coffee machines, air fresheners, electric heaters, roller blinds, and garage roller doors in homes.
    ● Apple Home and Matter over Bridge Support*: The T2 is compatible with Apple Home, Matter, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa. It transforms traditional devices into smart ones and seamlessly integrates with multiple third-party systems. This facilitates automated setup and linkage with other compatible products, offering a versatile and user-friendly experience.
    ● Interlock and Motor Control: Users can connect the Dual Relay Module T2 to bidirectional motors with ease and safety. Now, the T2 can be used to control tubular motors, as a roller shade switch, and even as the core of the system.
    ● Energy Monitoring and Power Memory: The Dual Relay Module T2 includes a power on/off state memory function, remembering the last state after power failure. Additionally, it offers power metering and statistics features.
    ● Enhanced Safety and Security: Safety is paramount when dealing with DIY electrical equipment. We prioritize user safety, considering the complexities of installation and use. We allow adjustment of max and min voltage, current, and power values. In cases of abnormal waking states, the power supply is automatically
    turned off to ensure safety.**
    ● Wireless Switch Mode: The convert to wireless switch mode is also supported. Thanks to this feature, the existing wall switch will be able to be converted into a scene controller: arm or disarm the security system, control the curtains or lights just using your old wired switch.***

    ● Easy to Use and Installation: The relay’s DIN rail-mounted design makes it easy to
    stick it in electrical cabinets and other tight spots. Its compact size makes it even
    more suitable for other wall boxes, including the 86 mm and US-standard ones.****

    *Apple Home, Google, Alexa, and Matter are neither natively supported, they are supported over Zigbee bridge.
    **The installation of T2 is intended for users who are familiar with electrical installation. We always advise you to contact a professional electrician and only use these instructions as a reference.
    ***Please note: the sensor or a switch connected to S1/S2/COM contacts should support the voltage that is supplied to the Relay.
    ****Please note: the T2 supports the maximum current of 10A. And a wall box with a depth of about 60 mm is recommended. In case the existing wall box is not deep enough, you can try to use a Wireless Remote Switch H1 or a surface-mounted or ultra-thin wall switch to control the Relay.

  • Product Name: Aqara Dual Relay Module T2
    Model: DCM-K01
    Wireless Protocols: Zigbee
    Dimensions: 45.5 × 48 × 24 mm (1.79 × 1.89 × 0.94 in.)
    Rated Parameters AC: 100-250V, 50/60Hz/Max.10A, Max 2500W (Incandescent Lamp); Max.1A, Max 250W(LED, CFL Fluorescent Lamp); Max 1A, Max 1/4 HP (Motor) M.1
    DC: 24-30V: Max.10A, Max 300W (Resistive Load); 30-60V: Max.1A, Max 60W (Resistive Load);

    OperatingTemperature: -10 °C ~ 40 °C (14 °F ~ 104 °F)

    Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH, no condensation
    Zigbee Operation Frequency 2405-2475 MHz

    Zigbee Maximum Output Power ≤ 13 dBm

    What is in the Box:

    Dual Relay Module T2 × 1, User Manual × 1, DIN Rail Accessory × 1, Jumper Wire × 1

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