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The Sonos Sub Mini is the powerful compact subwoofer with big bass. Give a boost to the listening experience with TV, music, games with extra bass. Combine the Sonos Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, One or One SL and provide a home cinema with surprisingly rich, clear and balanced low frequencies. The Sub Mini's wireless 5 GHz WiFi connection increases the transmission speed of the sound and ensures high-quality sound that is perfectly synchronized with the TV. The Sonos Sub Mini connects to the network via a 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or Ethernet connection.


Enjoy stereo sound

Pair the Sonos Sub Mini with the One or One SL for a more spacious sound. The Sub Mini can stereo pair with an amplified, non-portable Sonos product via the Sonos App. Sub Mini is recommended for the Beam*, Ray, One*, One SL or any IKEA SYMFONISK speaker. Sub Mini is also recommended for smaller bookshelf speakers boosted by Amp.

*Sub Mini can be paired with all generations.


Powerful surround sound

Create a Home theater setup by combining the Sub Mini with the Beam or Ray soundbars and two One's or One SL's.


Mix and match

Mix and match speakers to create your own perfect system. Listen anywhere in the house and adjust the system whenever you want.


No buzzing or vibrating

In the acoustically sealed housing, two special woofers generate the full and rich low frequencies of a much larger subwoofer. The woofers face inward to provide a powerful canceling effect that neutralizes distortion.


Quick and easy to install

Plug in the plug and open the Sonos app to wirelessly connect your soundbar or speaker and adjust the bass level. The volume changes automatically with the connected product.


Better bass for your space

The Trueplay™ tuning technology adapts the bass to the acoustics of the room so that it doesn't sound too loud, hum or flat. Even if you place Sub Mini next to a wall.

*Supported iOS device required.

Sonos Sub Mini

Sales Tax Included
    • Wireless Compact Subwoofer
    • Support for Trueplay tuning technology
    • Recommended to combine with Beam, Ray, One or One SL
    • Available in matte white or matte black
  • Color: Black, White
    Network interface: 10/100 (Base-T) Ethernet via RJ45 connector
    Power source: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    Protocol: Wi-Fi

    Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.

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