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Alarm system - Ajax Starter Kit


Central unit (HUB) for a wireless anti-burglary system with integrated LAN and GSM/GPRS communicators.

Allowed to add and operate up to 100 wireless devices, with up to 50 users.

Built-in back-up battery.


The kit contains:


  • Alarm center (Hub)
  • PIR detector on motion Ajax MotionProtect
  • Ajax DoorProtect magnetic contact,
  • Ajax SpaceControl remote control
  • Ajax HomeSiren indoor siren.


Note - the price does not include installation of the system.

Ajax Starter Kit

Sales Tax Included
  • Manufacturer AJAX
    Technology Wireless PG2
    Performance modular
    Number of built-in wireless zones 100
    Max number of zones - total 100 wireless devices
    Total number of partitions 1
    Wireless frequency 868MHz
    Wireless communication Two-way
    Automatic registration of wireless devices Via QR code 
    Max extendable wireless zones 100
    Total number of user codes 50 (smartphone app)
    Total number of remote controls 100
    Total number of wireless keyboards - 2 way 100
    Dimensions 162.7 x 162.7 x 35.9 mm
    Degree of protection Grade 2 (EN50131-1)
    Power supply mainly 220VAC
    Auxiliary power supply - battery Li-ion 2Ah (built-in)
    Built-in power supply Yes
    Max number of high current PGM outputs Up to 100 wall switches (220 VAC, 13A)
    Max brosj supervised wireless sirens 100
    Notification of receiver for monitoring center IP/GPRS 1 address
    Programming software Smartphone, desktop app
    Report formats in monitoring center  AJAX RX
    Private message SMS / Call (requires a SIM card)
    SMS Yes
    Supervision of communication and phone line Yes
    GSM / GPRS communicator integrated GSM/GPRS
    IP communicator integrated
    Video verification of alarm events Option
    Smart phone application YES
    Built-in backup battery YES
    Working conditions 0°C - 50°C
    Material PC plastic
    Built-in RFID reader No
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