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Access with a PIN code.

Create unique access codes of five to eight digits,

and open doors without using your smartphone.


  • Unlock the door without a smartphone

Simply by entering a PIN.


  • Setup in minutes

Power by three AAA batteries.

Install with adhesive or screws - even outdoors.


  • Choose from five to eight digits

Set, change, and assign PIN codes via mobile app.


  • Manage up to 100 active PINs

Assign unique codes to their users,

for full access control and activity logs.


  • Share your way

No need for an app.

You can simply text the PIN to your guest.


  • No risk necessary

No data are stored in the keypad.

It only connects to the tedee smart lock that works through a secure cloud.

Tedee Keypad

SKU: 5907720713263
Sales Tax Included
    • Model: TKV 1.0
    • Weight: 120 g (without batteries), 155 g (with 3 AAA batteries)
    • Dimensions: 48mm x 135mm x 28mm
    • Power supply: 3 AAA batteries included 
    • Battery life: as stated by the battery manufacturer 
    • Bluetooth communication: Bluetooth BLE 5.0 2,4 Ghz 
    • IP protection class: IP65
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