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Shelly Plus Smoke Alarm is a smart photoelectric smoke alarm, which is effective at detecting slow fires that smoulder for hours before bursting into flame. Receive instant notifications on your phone and create safety scenes to keep your family and home safe. 

  • Battery operated - 1x CR123A battery - Not restricted as per IATA s.p. A123
  • LED indications and loud alarm; Alarm pause (Hush mode)
  • Low battery warning
  • Easy installation

Shelly Plus Smoke Alarm

SKU: 3800235265598
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    Be always alerted, no matter where you are!

    Shelly Plus Smoke is a wire-free, battery-operated alarm that can help provide additional protection for your home, family, and pets. Its long life span, high sensitivity, and Wi-Fi technology allow you to constantly monitor your home for any smoke and keep your family safe, wherever you are.

    Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity

     Connect Shelly Plus Smoke to your Wi-Fi network. No HUB required!

    5 years of battery life

    Count on low-battery-consuming technology.

    Sound & light alerts

    If smoke is detected, Shelly Plus Smoke will initiate a loud sound (>85db) and light alarm.

    Easily mountable

    Shelly Plus Smoke is wire-free and has no angle limitations, making it very easy to install. 

    Immediate notification 

    No matter where you are, Shelly Plus Smoke will immediately notify you of any danger.

    Smart scenes

     Set custom scenes by combining Shelly Plus Smoke with your other Shelly devices.


    Size (HxWxD): 86x86x31 ±0.5 mm / 3.39x3.39x1.22 ±0.02 in
    Weight: 95 ±1 g / 3.35 ±0.05 oz
    Mounting: Ceiling
    Shell material: Plastic
    Color: White
    Ambient temperature: -0 °C to 55 °C / 32 °F to 131 °F
    Humidity: 30 % to 95 % RH
    Max. altitude: 2000 m / 6562 ft
    Power supply voltage AC: N/A
    Power supply voltage DC: 1x 3 V CR123A battery
    Battery life: 5 years
    Smoke sensor: Photoelectric
    RF band: 2401 - 2495 MHz
    Max. RF power: <20 dBm
    Wi-Fi protocol: 802.11 b/g/n
    Wi-Fi Range: Up to 30 m / 100 ft indoors and 50 m / 160 ft outdoors (Depends on local conditions)
    Bluetooth Protocol: 4.2
    Bluetooth Range: Up to 10 m / 33 ft indoors and 30 m / 100 ft outdoors (Depends on local conditions)
    CPU: ESP32
    Flash: 4 MB
    Webhooks (URL actions): 10 with 2 URLs per hook
    Scripting: No
    MQTT: Yes
    CoAP: No
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