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Wireless motion detector - curtain, up to 11m@6°, anti-masking function, insensitive to pets up to 15 kg and height up to 40 cm. Installation height 2.4 m.


Note - the price does not include installation of the system.

Ajax MotionProtect Curtain

Sales Tax Included
  • Manufacturer AJAX
    Technology Wireless
    Wireless frequency 868MHz
    Wireless communication Two-way
    Dimensions 134 x 44 x 36 mm
    Power supply Battery, 1 x 3V, tipCR123A
    Montage External
    Method of detection PIR / AM
    Montage Ceiling / wall
    Mounting height 2.4 m
    Sensitivity adjustment Yes - Via switchboard
    LED signaling Yes
    Operating temperature -10°C to +40°C
    Tamper Yes
    Antimasking Function yes
    Insensitivity to pets < 15 kg
    PIR element Dual
    Detection range: PIR 8 - 10m
    Detection angle 6 ° / 90 °
    Number of IR rays / detection zones 2
    Carrier included Yes
    Weight 118g
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